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Home Healthcare Market Anticipated Growth Projected to Hit Nearly $350 Billion by 2020

The healthcare industry in the United States continues to experience strong growth, and the home health care sector is also booming. According to some estimates, the home health care sector could reach $350 billion in revenue by 2020. This level of growth is due to numerous factors, not the least of which is a desire by more people to remain home as opposed to spending time in a nursing home or hospital environment.

More than simply providing care and support for patients at home, this growth is also due to technology that’s making it more feasible to forego nursing home care in lieu of home care support. Monitoring devices and communication setups allow doctors and nurses to keep tabs on their patients at home, saving money and providing a more comfortable environment for them.

As more technology is developed to improve quality of care and life for elderly and disabled clients at home, the growth of the home care sector will likely continue its upward growth.

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