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Home Is Where More Aging Seniors Prefer to Receive Their Care, and More

It’s no secret elderly men and women prefer to remain home, so long as they can receive proper care. With technology and online shopping, people no longer have to leave their house to even get groceries these days. That has completely changed the landscape of the retail industry and it is impacting health care.

If given the option, growing numbers of seniors and disabled adults would prefer to receive a number of care options in the comfort of their home. If they don’t have to get in the car, slog through traffic, and sit in a waiting room for hours at times to see their doctor, they would certainly prefer that option.

One area where more people may prefer to be home and receive services is through the pharmaceutical sector. Up until recently, most people would have to visit their pharmacist to pick up various prescriptions. A pharmacist is essentially the gatekeeper to keep people safe when prescribed any number of medications.

Now, home delivery of prescription medications is making it easier for aging seniors to remain home as well. Combined with home care support services, elderly men and women have an even better option available to them then more costly facilities.

As reported by Highland News in the Community News section, in the blog, Home delivery of medication could save you money: what you should know:

“Home delivery is best used when you are on medications for a chronic condition because it removes the burden of remembering to get a prescription refilled by the patient and encourages adherence to the prescribed therapy. These drugs, which can also be referred to as maintenance medications, are the ones your doctor prescribes to manage long-term health conditions, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.”

Combining technology and home delivery services is a great option for increasing numbers of seniors across the country. As people begin to value home care more, and as these other types of services come online, providing increased options for elderly men and women, it may help save individuals and states money by not having to pay for more expensive facility care options.

Home care agencies stand on the front lines of the revolution in long and short-term care. By being forward-thinking, by seeing how technology is shifting the landscape, even the smallest independent home care agency can capitalize on these opportunities by offering their clients some of those options, so long as they can meet the federal, state, and/or local laws and ordinances to do so.

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