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 Get information on how to find grants and assistance in all areas, cities, and counties of Nebraska, including Lincoln and Omaha. Non-profits and government agencies offer funds to help with rent or housing costs, provide free food and medical care, and offer financial aid to pay other bills of struggling Nebraska families.

Kids Connection
A health insurance program that can help with medical bills. It is available for children 19 and younger who are residents of Nebraska. 1-877-632-5437

Rental Assistance Program (RAP)

RAP is a financial support program for adults with both a serious mental illness as well as very low incomes. Services are afforded to qualified clients to help them find affordable and safe housing in Nebraska. Participants may also qualify for other resources such as independent housing or government section 8 housing vouchers. Find additional rent assistance.


Nebraska Food Stamp Program
This assistance program helps low income Nebraska families buy food. You do not need to be receiving any other public assistance or aid in order to be eligible for this program, but you also don't receive food stamps automatically and you need to apply and be found eligible for financial aid.

Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) program
This government assistance program provides cash assistance grants to lower income families with children that are aged 18 or younger. ADC cash grants are used to pay for family living expenses like utilities, rent, medical bills, groceries and food, clothing, and other needed items.

Child Care Subsidy
This program will help pay for child care expenses. Income limits are in place and the parent applying must meet other conditions around employment and/or job training. Call (402) 471-9325, or more on Nebraska child care assistance programs.

Emergency Assistance 

Helps provide services and money to pay bills for needy children as well as other household members when there’s an emergency situation. 402-471-3121

Mortgage Help and Foreclosure Prevention

A number of non-profit housing counselors operate across Nebraska. The HUD certified counselors can offer homeowners free foreclosure assistance and information on mortgage programs. Read more.

Nebraska Prescription Card - Nebraska Rx Card

This is a statewide discount prescription drug card. This program, which provides a free discount drug card to all Nebraska residents, will provide savings of up to 75% on medicines and prescription drugs. The card is free to sign up for and use with no restrictions to membership, no age limitations, and no income requirements.

Employment First

This is Nebraska's welfare reform program. This assistance program will help families achieve economic self-sufficiency by providing education, job training, and employment preparation and opportunities. (402) 271-7300

Nebraska Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Programs

Non-profits known as the Continuum of Care as well as the Department of HHS provide help. The eviction and rapid rehousing assistance stops homelessness by issuing grants. The money will pay for everything from rent to legal bills, shelters, moving fees, and security deposits. More Nebraska eviction assistance.

Access Medical and Health Care from Clinics

Several free or low cost health care centers and clinics operate across Nebraska. These centers mostly help low income families and those with no or limited health insurance, but anyone can stop by for care. No one is turned away, regardless of your income. More on Nebraska community clinics.

Government Cash Assistance and Public Aid

The state of Nebraska offers low income and working poor families several federal government funded and state assistance programs. In general, some short term cash may be provided for basic needs (such as food, utilities, and rent) while social services help people get back on their feet. Read more Nebraska public aid.

Nebraska Senior Assistance Programs

Residents over the age of 55 as well as senior citizens have several programs that focus on their needs. Regional non-profit Agency on Aging offices provide information, food, medical care, and more in an effort to help older adults. Learn more.


Temporary Housing and Shelter

Organizations such as community action agencies, churches, and non-profits in Nebraska offer short term housing and other support, such as food and information on low income apartments, to low income families and the homeless. The goal is to rehouse residents, and learn more on Nebraska transitional housing.

Job Training, Career Counseling, Education and Government Grants

If you need a job, access to educational services, and help in applying for emergency grants, then a community action agency can be a great place to call. The non-profits provide residents a number of services for short and long term needs. Continue with community action agencies in Nebraska.

Get Help With Heating and Energy Bills

A number of assistance programs are offered from non-profits, private donations, charities and utility companies themselves. Find how to get a grant and/or financial assistance. Click here for more information on Nebraska energy assistance programs, conservation programs and other resources.

Social Services and Emergency Aid in Nebraska

One of the leading non-profits to call for help is the Salvation Army. They operate several centers in the state. Some of what may be provided includes Christmas assistance, food, funds for paying utility bills, and ongoing case management. Click Nebraska Salvation Army.


Help in Nebraska with Paying Energy, Utility, and Heating Bills


Nebraska Weatherization Program

The Weatherization program enables low-income families in Nebraska to low their energy and heating bills by making their homes more energy efficient. It will help families save energy.


The Nebraska Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
This assistance program will help people with limited incomes and those who are struggling offset the cost of both heating and cooling their homes. The aid program will partially pay the cost of fuel oil, electricity, gas, coal, wood, propane, propane, or other fuel source.

Operation Round Up
An assistance program offered by several local utility and gas companies that provides energy assistance funds to families in need.


Pennies For Power
Utility and gas companies and customers contribute to this fund. It helps disadvantaged individuals and families pay energy-related expenses. Expenses paid for might include higher-than-normal energy or heating bills or emergency equipment repairs.

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